FAQ List

Q: Why do digital users need computer glasses?

Q: Who should wear GUNNARS?

Q: What benefits can you expect from wearing GUNNARS?

Q: Why are GUNNARS better than other computer glasses?

Q: Why are GUNNARS better than other visual ergonomic options like screen savers or software solutions?

Q: What is special about GUNNAR lens technology?

Q: Do GUNNAR Computer Glasses have added power?

Q: What is the advantage of our yellow lenses?

Q: What type of optical lens material is used in GUNNAR lenses?

Q: Has GUNNAR conducted research to prove that its eyewear helps prevent Computer Vision Syndrome (CVS)?

Q: Do GUNNARS really work?

Q: Can I use GUNNAR glasses for driving?

Q: What if my eyes have trouble adjusting to GUNNAR glasses?

Q:What are the differences between GUNNARs lens options?

Q: What’s the difference between Computer eyewear and Gaming eyewear?

Q: I am a designer/photographer; will the amber tint mess with my colors?

Q: Do Crystalline lenses have a magenta hue?

Q: Do these second as sunglasses?

Q: What's the difference between the pricing of GUNNAR glasses styles?

Q: Where can I purchase GUNNAR Computer Eyewear?

Q: How much does the Computer Eyewear cost?

Q: What if the style I choose doesn't fit properly?

Q: What type of lens cleaner can I use on my glasses?

Q: Are GUNNAR lenses polarized?

Q: Do you design glasses specifically for gamers, women and children?

Q: Does GUNNAR offer prescription lenses?

Q: What do I need to order my prescription glasses online?

Q: How much do GUNNAR Rx prescription computer glasses cost?

Q: What is the difference between GUNNAR Standard Rx and GUNNAR Premium Rx prescription glasses?

Q: What is the estimated processing and shipping time for GUNNAR Rx prescription glasses?

Q: Do I need a prescription for GUNNARS if I have 20/20 vision?

Q: What is GUNNARS Rx prescription glasses return policy?